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How Influencers Are Using Discord in 2024

Hello, HYDP readers. The power of community building is a significant aspect of influencer marketing that can't be overlooked. Discord, boasting 196.2 million active monthly users, is a platform that provides an exceptional context for fostering community. While its formation targeted gamers, it has quickly evolved into a hub for enthusiasts from various backgrounds such as music, art, and sports.

Advantages of Discord for Influencers

Interpreted as an online chatroom, a Discord server can be created for any topic. Often, influencers establish Discord servers as monetized features, allowing their top fans to join. This feature can be an integral part of a YouTube channel membership or Patreon subscription for followers seeking added engagement than what public platforms like Instagram offer.

Within a server are channels, signifying subtopics of the main Discord server. These channels allow for a more precise semblance of conversation, split into text, voice, and video categories. Users can also interact through direct messaging for more personal communication.

In a nutshell, while many social platforms provide some aspects of Discord's functionalities, Discord offers a comprehensive set of features allowing an active and thriving community.

Notable Influencer Presence on Discord

Several of the top influencers on social media are leveraging Discord to convert their fanbase into a more intertwined community. Let's glance at some of these prominent figures:

TommyInnit: The British YouTuber, TommyInnit, a popular gamer with a YouTube audience exceeding 17.4 million, uses his Discord server as an interactive playground for his followers.

WhyDee: TikTok creator WhyDee, who boasts more than 500K followers, invites his audience to "CharvaCord", his Discord server where followers exchange topics, photos, and videos.

Besides engagement, influencers can also integrate monetisation within their Discord server through Server Subscriptions. The platform allows hosts to add paying features such as paid access to exclusive channels, premium emojis, or exclusive or early access to content.

Setting Up An Influencer Discord Server

Phase 1 – Setting Up The Server: Set up and verify your server first.

Phase 2 – Building Channels: Initially, your community will be small, so avoid creating an overwhelming number of channels.

Phase 3 – Adding Moderation Tools: To ensure smooth functioning, introduce moderation tools through a moderation bot or human moderators.

Once your Discord server is set up, you are ready to foster your community.

Maximising Discord To Engage With Fans

Promote your Discord server across your other social media accounts. Populate your server and inform your followers about your Discord platform. This additional promotional avenue guarantees more exposure for your content, increases engagement, and fosters a close-knit community.

Discord differs from other social platforms with its focus on nurturing a community approach. Once you take the time to properly set up, maintain your server, you stand to benefit tremendously from the community you've built.


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