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Finding the Best Livestream Shopping Host: Do’s and Don’ts

Hello, HYDP readers. As we fast approach 2025, influencers aren't just promoting brands but launching their own with the expertise they have garnered from influencer marketing. Interestingly, Statista reveals that 1 in 3 Gen Zers have purchased from an influencer-founded brand in the past year. So how can brands harness this pool of influencer power that knows how to drive sales? The answer lies in uniting influencer marketing with livestream shopping.

As ecommerce flourishes, brands are innovating to infuse interactivity into the often lonely online shopping experience. Livestream shopping rises to this challenge—an interactive event hosted by a brand representative, external host, or influencer, typically on social media platforms or the brand’s website. Choosing a charismatic, captivating influencer as a host can spell the difference between success and failure in livestream shopping events.

Do's of Evaluating a Livestream Shopping Host

Look for Relevance and Knowledge

An impactful host is familiar with your industry and knowledgeable about the products they are selling and why they matter to your customers.

Seek Genuine Authenticity

Authenticity cements trust with audiences. A sincerely honest influencer, even when criticizing popular brands, resonates with audiences.

Promote Maximum Time on Air

Influencers should share engaging content throughout the livestream, holding the audience's attention. Structured hooks and incentives can help maintain high engagement levels throughout the event.

Incorporate Multimedia Elements

Interactive media elements like chat boxes, polls, and onscreen Call to Actions (CTAs) enrich the livestream experience. Pre-recorded segments, remote guest appearances, and screen sharing in various modes also contribute positively.

Drive Interaction and Create Incentives

Als a brand, it is beneficial to provide incentives for viewers to complete the livestream. Real-time communication, welcoming users, and involving viewers in polls makes it a communal shopping experience.

Don'ts of Evaluating a Livestream Shopping Host

Avoid Scripting

To maintain authenticity, avoid providing a complete script to your host; rather offer organized outlines and key talking points.

Refrain from Sales Pitches

While livestream shopping aims at sales conversion, it should not come across as a sales pitch. Instead, position the host as an advisor or expert who shares product insights and perspectives.

Stay Away from Static Content

Livestream shopping is inherently dynamic. A mix of multimedia content, branded assets and CTAs keep the event fresh and engaging.

Avoid Canned Responses

Responses from the host should feel genuine and empathetic, addressing the specific inquiries or concerns from the viewers.


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