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Will technology lead to a shift to creator led production?

During the peak of the pandemic, we saw brands forced to shift their production methods.

We observed the likes of ASOS working with creators to shoot product imagery for their eCommerce sites, through to photographer Greg Williams, remotely shooting the cover of British Vogue with actress Zendaya using the Clos app.#nbsp;#nbsp;

It's truly amazing to think that the cover Vouge could be shot by an actress's assistant using a phone directed by a world-renowned photographer.#nbsp;

The new generation of smartphones, such as the iPhone 13, enables users to shoot in ProRes 4K, democratising professional-quality videography and photography equipment.#nbsp;

With this in mind, it's possible to visualise a future where creators work as freelance production partners for brands.#nbsp;

Helping deliver premium hyper-relevant content quickly to niche audiences—assisting brands to satisfy the ever-increasing content demands to remain front of mind to consumers.#nbsp;

Is this the future of content production?

Watch the Greg Williams video here. By


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