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Travis Kelce Has Been Accused Of Throwing A “Tantrum” And Acting Like A “Petulant Child” After He Screamed At His Coach During The Super Bowl

This is the third time in as many months that Travis’s aggressive behavior has been called out by sports fans. In case you missed it, there was a football game yesterday that was kind of a big deal, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. However, the win was hard-earned, with the Chiefs struggling in the first half of the game. They ended up beating the San Francisco 49ers 25–22 in overtime when quarterback Patrick Mahomes secured the victorious ending with a touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman Jr. And it is evident that the pressure of the game was getting to the team early on, with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sparking backlash when he was caught screaming at and shoving his coach, Andy Reid. The Chiefs were down 3–0 during the second quarter of the game, and when the team lost the ball close to the 49ers end zone, Andy opted to take Travis out of play. But Travis clearly wasn’t having it, storming over to his coach and knocking the 65-year-old off-balance as he barged into him. He was then shown aggressively shouting in Andy’s face as Andy remained emotionless and avoided eye contact. In the end, one of Travis’s teammates, Jerick McKinnon, led him away from their coach, but when Travis got to the sidelines, he whacked his helmet against the bench in anger. The incident left a bad taste in the mouths of viewers at home, who took to social media to call out Travis’s “tantrum,” saying that it was an “unacceptable” way to behave toward his coach. Sharing the clip to X, formerly known as Twitter, football pro Adam Breneman wrote, “Anyone who isn’t named Travis Kelce would be sent to the locker room if they did this to their head coach.” Another tweeted, “Travis Kelce should get the biggest ass chewing he has ever had in his life for doing this. Don’t care how good of a player you are, you respect your coach.”


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