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Top Mental Health Influencers on X (Twitter)

Hello, HYDP readers. The arena of mental health is a growing concern, especially in a digitally-driven lifestyle. Influencers are leveraging platforms, like X (formerly Twitter), to advocate for mental health, provide advice, and infuse inspiration. In this article, we present some of the top mental health influencers who harness the power of X to connect with audiences on serious mental health issues.

Beth Frates, MD

Beth, a pioneer in lifestyle medicine, educates her followers about healthy physical, mental, and emotional habits. The professional advice she shares resonates with 134.2K followers on X.

Andre Tomlin — The Mental Elf

The creator of The Mental Elf, Andre Tomlin, is an information scientist who has been engrossed in mental health work since the late 1990s. With over 101.9K followers, Andre uses his platform to shed light on everything from recent ADHD studies to motivational content.

Dr. Jodi Aman

As a psychotherapist, author, podcast host, and spiritual mentor, Dr. Jodi encompasses all things body, brains, and spirit on her mental health platform. Dr. Jodi has amassed more than 34.8K followers on X.

Natasha Tracy

Natasha Tracy, the author of Lost Marbles, focuses her writing on her personal experiences concerning depression and bipolar disorder. She effectively communicates her thoughts to her 31.4K followers on X.

Patrick J. Kennedy

Patrick, a former Rhode Island congressman, is a transformative figure in mental health and addiction. Patrick is an ardent advocate, whose voice resonates with over 25.4K followers on X.

John Poehler — The Bipolar Battle

John Poehler, president of Bipolar Battle Inc. and an award-winning blogger, provides insightful mental health content to his 19.2K followers on X. His platform fosters open conversations about mental health.

Dr. Alice Boyes

The author of "Stress-Free Productivity," Dr. Alice Boyes tackles anxiety with her more than 12.5K followers on X. Her posts cover various mental health aspects, ranging from overcoming procrastination to maintaining inner equanimity.

Kevin Frankish

Kevin Frankish, a communications specialist at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, candidly shares his struggle with depression on X. With over 185.9K followers, his uplifting posts bring light to pressing mental health issues.


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