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The opportunity squid games highlighted for brands and creators!

Squid games represents one of the most significant moments in the past decade for entertainment.

Releasing across 190 countries in 31 different languages, Netflix has created a global cultural phenomenon. 

  • Since its release, sales of White Vans have increased by 7800%.

  • HoYeon Jung, one of the leading cast members, has gained over 19million followers since the show's release. 

  • We've seen social feeds populated with how to create Dalgona cookies featured in the show.

  • Countless Dj's have begun remixing iconic sounds from the show into live performances. 

  • Even the colour teal received a 130% increase in searches on google. 

But what does all this mean? 

For brands and creators, it highlights an exciting opportunity to think on a global scale. 

In a globalised world, social media has allowed individuals from across the globe to share culture and not be tied to their localised landscape. 

Creators and brands should embrace this! 

Two months ago, MrBeast launched a Russian version of his channel, providing himself with the opportunity to scale into a previously untapped market. 

With platforms like Youtube allowing brands and creators to dub and translate content into multiple languages, they should take full advantage of the possibilities to connect to global audiences.

Watch MrBeast's Russian Youtube channel here.


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