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The Instagram creator fund

Instagram has upped the ante to try and drive creators towards its platform and away from TikTok. 

This November, Instagram is offering some creators a maximum bonus of $35,000 if the creator's 'Reels' accumulate about 58 million views in one month.

This is just one of several moves by Instagram to incentivise creators to utilise their 'Reels' feature and bring audiences to the platform from TikTok. 

Ironically, I heard about this on TikTok, but it's an obvious move for creators to take advantage of this with such substantial cash bonuses. 

The question is, once these bonuses end, will Instagram retain content creators and, crucially, their audiences on the platform? 

Facebook (now 'Meta') has pledged to give creators $1Billion throughout 2022, so this may be just the start of large bonus schemes designed to combat the meteoric rise of TikTok. 

Let me know your thoughts about this below!


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