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Sprucing Up Your Marketing: Spring Cleaning Campaigns and Influencers

Hello, HYDP readers. Spring cleaning is not just a time for decluttering and rejuvenating your space; it's a peak time for social media influencers in the cleaning niche to engage their followers. This period, typically between March and May, presents a great opportunity for brands to plan spring cleaning campaigns and collaborate with influencers.

According to a study by the Cleaning Institute of America, 74% of individuals participate in spring cleaning, most dedicating two to three days to the task. It's seen as a mood booster and a means of stress alleviation.

Many home and cleaning influencers use various platforms to share their content, ranging from short TikTok clips to long-form videos on YouTube circulating around 'cleaning motivation'.

Innovative Ideas for Spring Cleaning Campaigns

Including Cleaning Products in renovating your space

In a campaign for the DreameBot L10S Ultra robot cleaner, home renovation enthusiast Bong Bain demonstrated how the product helped maintain her floors clean, allowing her to focus on her passion for home renovation projects.

Sharing Cleaning Tips and Hacks

Another enriching campaign idea is teaming up with a lifestyle influencer to share spring cleaning preparation tips. For instance, a teacher-influencer could share how they set up their classroom and integrate a cleaning product into the process.

Creating ASMR-style cleaning and organising tutorial

ASMR videos have a considerable following on platforms like TikTok. Brands dealing with cleaning products can collaborate with creators to promote their products ahead of the spring cleaning season with ASMR-style cleaning guides.

Filming a realistic clean-with-me video

TikTok creator Joey Food shares an honest perspective and queries while cleaning his home. His followers appreciate the realistic depiction of everyday life messiness, providing a relatable cleaning journey rather than a picture-perfect, polished space.

Five Influencers for Your Spring Cleaning Campaigns

Beauty & the Beastons

Tiffani Beaston, a mom and cleaning YouTuber with over 615K subscribers, shares her holistic approach to keeping her house tidy, including spring cleaning. Her cleaning videos have amassed 1-2 million views, evidence of her credibility and audience trust.

Amy Darley

Amy is a YouTube influencer specializing in cleaning motivation content, attracting over 257K subscribers. She annually shares her spring-cleaning regimen, even providing a checklist for her followers eagerly awaiting the season.

Mai Zimmy

This TikTok influencer dubbed "queen of cleaning therapy" addresses the mental health benefits of cleaning while providing useful cleaning tips and her preferred cleaning products to over 320K followers.

Not the Worst Cleaner

Brogan rides the TikTok wave with her cleaning content, amassing 5.6 million followers. She highlights the links between mental wellness and cleanliness, sharing functional cleaning tips and even providing free cleaning services for those in need.

Brianna K

With over 438K subscribers, Brianna K juggles being a mom and sharing homemaking, cleaning, and motherhood content on her YouTube channel, empowering her followers with decorating and deep-cleaning videos.


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