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Who the F*** did I marry?

Over 100M People Have Listened To This Woman's 8-Hour-Long Chaotic Story About Her Marriage To A "Pathological Liar," Including Me, And This Is The Rundown Some people have The Iliad. Some people prefer The Odyssey. But when it comes to epic stories, it's been a long time since a tale has gripped millions of people quite like that of Reesa Teesa, a TikToker who narrated a 50-part story detailing the fake-out highs and rock-bottom lows of her marriage to someone she describes as "a pathological liar." You see, Reesa Teesa's series — appropriately titled "Who the Fuck Did I Marry" — has seemingly halted all outside forms of entertainment. People have stopped scrolling their For You Page; they've shut off Netflix; and anything other than Reesa's story has failed to seize people's attention.

Each video in the series is about 10 minutes, which rounds out to 500 minutes of viewing time, or 8.33 hours. Yes, people, including myself, have dedicated the equivalent of a full work day binging every turn of Reesa's Lifetime-movie-worthy story. 


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