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Top Macro-Influencer List for 2024

Hello, HYDP readers. As we tread into 2024, Macro-influencers possessing a large follower base between 500K-1M are altering the influencer marketing landscape with their vast reach and customized content. If you're gearing up for an influencer marketing campaign, this list of top macro-influencers could steer your creator search in the right direction.

1. Marie Joy Jurado

A family influencer with 758.8K followers on TikTok, Marie often shares endearing family moments, ranging from impromptu dance parties to holiday decorations.

2. Rabah

Delving into various global cultures is Rabah's speciality, with his TikTok followers totalling 576.8K. He covers topics like linguistic variations, unique pop culture aspects, and distinct culinary experiences across countries.

3. Kali — kalialexandria

Kali, a cosplayer and gamer with 729.3K followers on TikTok, is renowned for her anime and cartoon sketches, presented in a comedic yet engaging manner.

4. Olya Hill — livingnotes

Olya, an established creative director and photographer with 634K Instagram followers, showcases her collaborations with esteemed brands and shares insights into family life, food, and fashion.

5. Marco Arrieta — lifestylewithmarco

A globetrotter and lifestyle influencer, Marco intrigues his 580K Instagram followers with his vibrant experiences, traveling from the calm waters in Italy to Miami's pristine beaches.

6. Ashley Galvin

Ashley, a Californian yoga instructor, is acknowledged for her flexibility and inspiring teaching methods, engaging 533K Instagram followers with detailed yoga workouts and valuable tips.

7. Lauren Giraldo

A beauty and health aficionado, Lauren updates her 1 million Instagram followers on her latest self-care routines, workout regimens, and pop culture opinions. Lauren also offers an insight into her life as a new mom.

8. Dana

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Dana captivates her 863K TikTok followers by showcasing her wardrobe and daily outfits and giving a peek into her favourite attractions and personal experiences.

9. Dennis Prescott — dennistheprescott

A chef, writer, and host, Dennis impresses his 755K Instagram followers with mouthwatering dishes, making them a part of every culinary journey he embarks on.

10. Kiki — theblondeabroad

Kiki, a digital creator, and travel blogger conducts all-female tours to exotic locations worldwide, enlightening her 516K Instagram followers about family-friendly travel itineraries.

11. Garance Doré

Garance, a French author and artist, keeps her 681K


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