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Top Dermatologist Influencers With Skincare Tips

Deciphering the world of skincare can prove perplexing given the multitude of products, techniques, and advice available. Fear not, renowned dermatologists are taking to the digital sphere to share their insights and extensive knowledge. We present to you some key dermatologist influencers making significant contributions to the skincare realm with their invaluable tips.

Dr. Daniel Sugai

Residing in Seattle, Dr. Sugai is a certified dermatologist with a YouTube following exceeding 448k subscribers. He extensively covers skincare knowledge and related discussions, offering guidance grounded in years of clinical practice.

Dr. Muneeb Shah

Dr. Shah has achieved significant recognition on social media, amassing over 21 million followers across various platforms, including 18.2 million on TikTok alone. He tackles widespread skincare issues, recommends suitable products, and more.

Dr. Aamna Adel

A dermatology registrar, Dr. Adel dispenses valuable skin, hair, and nails advice to her 230k+ Instagram followers. Her posts often evaluate skincare-related content, providing her expert views on elevating skincare practices.

Dr. Maren Locke — The Budget Dermatologist

Dr. Locke has crafted an expansive platform, delivering educational advice that incorporates plenty of budget-friendly skincare solutions. Her YouTube channel boasts over 539k subscribers, focusing on products that are efficacious, healthy, and affordable.

Dr. Azi

Dr. Azi is a dermatologist who engages 1.9 million TikTok followers, discussing all angles of skincare, trending products, everyone's favourite routines and more. Proudly proclaiming herself as the CEO of lasers, she often outlines laser treatments in her posts.

Dr. Garekar

Dr. Garekar's platform commands an impressive following of 739k on Instagram, broadcasting her industry knowledge. Her posts frequently address common skincare concerns and queries.

Dr. Aanchal

Dr. Aanchal shares her expertise on skincare and haircare. Her channel has grown to over 2.07 million YouTube subscribers, elaborating on skin barriers, the best sunscreens, and more.

Dr. Jenny Liu

Dr. Liu is an accomplished dermatologist, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and an assistant professor. She connects with 189.6k TikTok followers, offering insights on prevalent treatments and product use.

Dr. Jessie Cheung

Dr. Cheung employs her Instagram platform to inspire her 83.2k followers and enlighten them on ways to enhance their skin. She focuses on making her followers feel beautiful inside out, featuring products and techniques to aid their skincare journey.

Dr. Mamina Turegano

Triple-board certified as a dermatologist, internist, and dermatopathologist, Dr. Turegano imparts skincare and treatment guidance for all skin types. Her informative posts engage over 1.1 million TikTok followers.

Dr. Tiffany Libby

Dr. Libby, a double-certified dermatologist, shares her knowledge about cosmetic and laser dermatology. Her posts consist of skincare-related gift guides, tips for super soft skin and product information.

Dr. Tia Paul

Trained at Harvard and MIT, Dr. Paul is a Brown skin specialist, and a source of inspiration to over 296.9k followers on TikTok. Her feed showcases her understanding of skincare products, dermatologist-approved habits, and so much more.

Dr. Chris Tomassian

One of the most recognized dermatologists on TikTok, Dr. Tomassian's fun approach to skincare has won him 1.9 million followers. He demonstrates his favourite product utility techniques and offers professional product recommendations.


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