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Top 10 Thai Influencers

Hello, HYDP readers. Thailand, with nearly 72 million inhabitants and a staggering 57 million social media users, is a hotbed for influencers. As a leading influencer in consumer decisions, social media presence plays a pivotal role in Thailand's digital market. Here, we introduce some of the nation's most influential personalities who have used the power of social media to amass a massive following.

1. Kaykai Salaider

Kaykai, or Nutticha Namwong, reigns over the Thai digital scene with over 10.3 million TikTok followers and 16 million YouTube subscribers. Kaykai's relatable and trendy lifestyle and fashion content have seen her star rise, leading to a role in the Thai film "The Rocket Angels."

2. Vachirawit Chivaaree

Vachirawit, popularly known as Bright Online, boasts an Instagram following exceeding 18 million. Known for his modelling prowess, he serves as an ambassador to renowned brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Adidas.

3. Achiraya kraphankhiao (Kikk)

With a TikTok fanbase of over 8.5 million, Kikk is associated with brands like Nivea for sponsored posts. She frequently shares humorous viral videos and lifestyle content.

4. Pa Ng

Pa Ng has made her mark with a massive YouTube fanbase of 18 million subscribers. She mainly produces video game content, sprinkled with lifestyle snippets.

5. Bie The Ska

An influencer with a good sense of humour, Bie has garnered 8.8 million TikTok followers. His parody videos, coupled with his lifestyle content, have also managed to rope in a huge YouTube and Instagram following.

6. Patchrapa Chai

Patchrapa, with over 16 million Instagram followers, is a top Thai star, known for her mesmerizing fashion and lifestyle posts. She has made a significant impact as an actress and was voted the sexiest woman for three consecutive years by FHM Thailand.

7. Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya, a famous Thai actress and model, delights her almost 13 million Instagram followers with catchy fashion and lifestyle content. Urassaya is associated with several brands and has bagged numerous awards, including two Suphannahong National Film Awards, Maya Awards, TV Gold Awards, and three Mekhala Awards.

8. Peach Phunthat Wiwatthananan

Peach has racked up over 8.79 million subscribers on YouTube, sharing videos of him eating, leading to the nickname Peach Eat Leak. His channel boasts over 1 billion views and is a hit among food lovers.

9. Brianna and Skyler Davis

The family channel, Brianna's Secret Club, with around 8 million YouTube subscribers, offers a glimpse into the delightful family life of Brianna and Skyler Davis, featuring family-friendly content, DIY, and trips.

10. Phatt Kamsing

The Kamsing Family YouTube channel, with over 5 million subscribers, presents an engaging view of their day-to-day life in Thailand. They've also released a few music videos together.


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