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The creator economy and sport. What does the future look like?

Athletes careers are short, and we're constantly reminded that following the end of their career in whatever their chosen discipline, the transition to regular life can be challenging, with opportunities few and far between to continue earning significant sums of money for those less well known.

Recently we saw the announcement that college athletes in America can now monetise their name, image and likeness, helping them generate revenue from years of hard work and dedication to their craft. 

Adjacent to this, we have also seen several professional athletes utilise their fame to become content creators, growing substantial audiences that can be monetised on social. 

From Ben Foster (Watford FC goalkeeper) to JuJu Smith-Schuster (NFL wide receiver) and even Stephen Humphrys (Wigan FC player). We're seeing a trend of athletes of all statures becoming content creators.

While I believe it will take a few years for this practice to be widespread and accepted by fans (following a transfer to Wigan, Stephen Humphrys removed his content on YouTube), this represents an exciting opportunity for athletes to grow their following and monetise their fans. Creating an additional income stream long after their career is over. 

Finally, it's exciting to hypothesise where this trend may lead. 

Will the rise in creator-led brands inspire the next generation of star athletes to build their own brands? Will the next Serena Williams launch their own Tennis Racket and apparel line instead of signing a contract with Nike and Wilson? 

The creator economy offers so much potential for athletes, and we're very excited to be part of its growth. 


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