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Spotlight on South Carolina’s Top Social Media Influencers

Hello, HYDP readers. South Carolina, with its sunny beaches and historical cities like Charleston, has a unique charm. It's a dream destination for fishing and hunting enthusiasts, while foodies throng its local eateries for unique Southern delicacies. To explore this fascinating state, follow these top South Carolina influencers proficient in different niches.

1. Susan Melanie Knight

Susan Melanie Knight is an Instagram sensation with over 5.7K followers. She is a savior for busy moms, providing them with easy and budget-friendly recipes.

2. Hoang Vi Fessenden

Hoang Vi Fessenden, a South Carolina local, shares insights about her life as a mom of two. Alongside, she also informs her 21K Instagram followers about family-friendly travel plans and favorite local dining spots.

3. Ashley Brown

With 39.5K followers, Ashley Brown diversifies her Instagram content with everything from fashion to lifestyle stuff. She gives sneak peeks into her family activities, recommends fall fashion, and displays snippets of unforgettable nights at concerts.

4. Megan Stokes

Megan Stokes is a South Carolina influencer who shares her love for home design projects and fashion with her 186K Instagram followers. She has also collaborated with brands like Sezane, Nordstrom, and Mattress Firm.

5. Carrie Morey

Founder of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, a mail-order eatery, Carrie Morey shares updates about her food business with her 30.8K Instagram followers. You will also find instances from her family life on her social media profile.

6. Anabelle

A fashion influencer recognized for her love for bright colors and funky patterns, Anabelle shares her stylish attire with her 29.4K Instagram followers. She, moreover, collaborates with HarborView Inn, a boutique hotel in Charleston's historic district.

7. Kenzie and Carol Carter

Known as KC_Doubletake on Instagram, these twins make their content charming by including their lives' instances, including outfits, home ambiance, and experiences in motherhood. They have 86.2K followers on Instagram.

8. Megan Pinckney Rutherford

A sixth-generation Charlestonian, Megan Pinckney Rutherford, leverages her platform to celebrate her hometown. She covers various areas – from fashion tips to home decor projects to party planning ideas – for her 59.4K Instagram followers.

9. Andrea Serrano

This versatile professional juggles roles as a fashion stylist, host, and content creator, gaining 23.5K Instagram followers. Andrea often combines prints with intriguing silhouettes, sharing her outfit details and styling tips on Instagram.

10. Kristin Chambless

With 87.8K Instagram followers, Kristin Chambless is all about life, style, and travel. Her blog Color by K provides articles on hair, makeup, and skincare.

11. Hillary Conheady

Hillary Conheady divides her time between California and South Carolina. A fashion influencer with an eclectic fashion sense, she boasts 25K Instagram followers.

12. Clara Peirce

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Clara Peirce offers YouTube videos touching all aspects of her life. With 37.9K subscribers, she shares her life, from decorating her house for Christmas to discussing new year resolutions.

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