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Meet the Top Travel Influencers of 2024

1. Amy — spellboundtravels

Amy, a Canadian travel creator, takes her 87.4K followers on an exciting journey as she explores corners of the world. Amy provides expert guidance on planning vacations, making her a favorite among digital nomads.

2. Kali — kalialexandria

Kali has more than 52.5K followers who accompany her on her global explorations. Kali shares alluring travel guides and thrilling vlogs from her cruises.

3. Matt Kepnes

Known as nomadic Matt on Instagram, Matt is a New York Times best-selling writer who provides budget-friendly travel tips. He aids his 144K followers to “travel more for less” as he unravels his adventures and exclusive travel recommendations.

4. Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer is one of the most-followed travel influencers on Instagram. With over 2.7 million followers, she shares her encounters with luxe hotels and beautiful landscapes around the world.

5. Eric Stoen — travelbabbo

Eric, hailed by Forbes as one of the Most Influential Travellers, exhibits his best travel experiences and recent excursions to his 377K followers.

6. Eva zu Beck

Eva's travel guide on her YouTube channel has attracted more than 1.75 million subscribers. Her impressive solo travels have proved her mettle as a courageous traveler who isn't scared to brave adverse conditions.

7. Drew Binsky

Drew, who has visited every single country globally, has amassed a following of over 3.94 million subscribers. His interesting encounters with people in less-explored regions are a significant part of his content.

8. Mark Wiens

Mark, a "full-time eater" doubles up as an engaging travel creator. With each country he visits, he explores the local cuisine, thereby providing a refreshing take on travel content.

9. Rachel Gibbons

UK-based travel influencer Rachel Gibbons, with a bright attitude and passionate love for exploring the world, has gathered 22.2K followers. Her engrossing travel vlogs cover her explorations and personal "must-see" recommendations.

10. Michelle — laxtoluxury

A prevalent TikToker, known as laxtoluxury to her 1.2 million followers, Michelle uses her platform to share her luxury travel escapades. Her content extensively covers all basics from travel planning to her latest personal experiences.

11. Tora — Toratravels

With 57.4K followers, travel creator Tora shares her intimate experiences with the world. The beauties of water and landscapes she's toured are reciprocated in her vlogs.

12. Louis Cole

Being one of the original travel YouTubers, Louis continues to captivate his 1.98 million subscribers by exploring the world and sharing his experiences, from local cultures to extreme sports.

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