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LDS Influencers Who Openly Share Their Lives and Faith

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the LDS or the Mormon church) boasts more than 6.7 million followers in the U.S., with over 2.2 million residing in Utah alone. Given the size and reach of the LDS community, it's no surprise that numerous influencers share their faith online, connecting with others while also working to debunk misconceptions surrounding the faith. Here's a look at some renowned influencers affiliated with the LDS Church.

Tanner Mann

Tanner Mann, an LDS, along with her family, occasionally share their faith on their podcast episodes or within their posts. Tanner, who resonates with more than 378K Instagram followers, shares fashion, fitness, and glimpses of her motherhood journey.

Shay Butler

Shay and his family, known as the Shaytards on YouTube, have actively shared their LDS faith and family life since 2008. Their channel amasses 4.76 million subscribers.

Garrett and Jessica Gee — The Bucket List Family

Garrett and Jessica, the couple behind the Bucket List Family, are known for their love of travel and have shared their travel experiences across 89 countries together. The LDS couple, which commands a following of 2.9 million followers on Instagram, met during a service mission for the LDS in Russia.

Brooklyn and Bailey

Twin influencers Brooklyn and Bailey, with a following of approximately 9.3 million on Instagram, practice the LDS faith. They frequently share lifestyle content, their skincare line, clothing line, and their mascara.

Taylor Frankie Paul

Taylor, an influential LDS mom on TikTok, has an admirer base of 4 million followers. She occasionally discusses her faith and her life as a Mormon mom and has been transparent about her experiences. She is currently expecting her third child.

Natasha Pehrson

Natasha, a renowned weight-loss influencer and coach, has 848K Instagram followers who see her posts about weight loss and motherhood. While she acknowledges her faith, most of her content revolves around healthy recipes, postpartum weight loss tips, and her empowering story.

Kilee Nickels

Kilee Nickels, a mum of five boys and a CEO of Nickel & Suede, has just over 105K Instagram followers. While she is personally an LDS member, her content is more focused on her designs and fashion.

Rachel Parcell

Rachel, a popular Mormon influencer, is known for her fashion brand, Rachel Parcell. Boasting 1.1 million Instagram followers, Rachel shares glimpses of her journey as a mother, her dresses, and her experience as a practising Mormon.

Ashlie Sanders

Popular as the Nuanced Mormon on Instagram, Ashlie has over 11.6K followers. She uses her platform to stimulate discussions around controversial topics and often shares her insights on the Mormon faith.

JJ and Erika Peterson

JJ and Erika Peterson, popular for their health platform, Clean Simple Eats, motivate their 387K Instagram followers with tips on sustaining a healthy lifestyle. The LDS couple occasionally shares witty and endearing family moments.

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In the present social media landscape, the significance of LDS or Mormon influencers is palpable. They provide invaluable insights and share their life and faith with their followers, challenging stereotypes and breaking stigmas. Thus, they play a crucial role in facilitating connections and promoting understanding of the LDS faith.


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