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Insights and Campaign Ideas from Pinterest Predicts 2024

Pinterest has always been the go-to platform for inspiration, whether you're planning a dreamy wedding or hunting for avant-garde fashion tips. But did you know Pinterest is also a goldmine for influencer marketing strategy ideas? Thanks to Pinterest Predicts, a platform that uses popular searches to forecast up-and-coming trends, your next influencer campaign is just a board away.

Discover the Trends That Will Shape Influencer Campaigns

Beauty and The 'Three Bs'

  • Blue: Forget smoky eyes; 2024 is all about blue eyeshadow. It’s splashing onto the scene with searches for “aqua makeup look” skyrocketing.

  • Body care: It's not just about the face anymore. Full-body pampering is the new self-care, with products like sugar scrubs and spa treatments rising in demand.

  • Big: Go big or go home? Absolutely. Expect influencers to flaunt voluminous hairstyles and bold accessories as "big braids" and "chunky jewellery" become the chatter of Pinterest.

Influencer campaign ideas: Launch a content marketing agency campaign with influencers rocking blue aesthetics or share a DIY spa day with luxurious body care products.

Hobbies and Interests on The Rise

  • From a resurgence in badminton to the niche hobby of aquatic architecture, Pinterest highlights diverse interests.

  • Woodworking with purpose - creating functional items from scraps - is on the list, a testament to the growing creator economy.

  • Expect to see jellyfish-themed decors and crafts spinning a new web of inspiration.

Influencer campaign ideas: A brand partnership strategy can include teaming up with sports gear brands, aquarium enthusiasts, like Ryukin's fish tank setup, or creating a craft store collaboration that dives into DIY jellyfish décor.

Homely Inspirations

  • Pinterest indicates a vintage twist on kitchen remodels, with a dash of pink and retro appliances.

  • Across homes, metallic decor is gaining traction as consumers lean towards shiny design elements.

  • At-home stations are becoming the new norm for coffee buffs for that barista-style brew.

  • Western vibes with dark colour splashes are also expected to be all the rage in interior design.

Influencer campaign ideas: Collaborate with home renovation influencers like Emily Retro to showcase a nostalgic kitchen makeover. Or, set up a social media advertising campaign featuring a DIY coffee station tour with a coffee influencer.

Tips to Seamlessly Integrate Trends into Influencer Campaigns

When injecting Pinterest's 2024 predictions into your influencer outreach plans, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Scope out niche influencers: Seek out those passionate about the unique and obscure to resonate with specific audiences.

  • Align trends with your brand essence: Ensure the trend feels authentic to your brand's voice to maintain audience trust.

  • Complement, don't overshadow: Use these trends to enhance your existing influencer marketing strategy, not replace it.

  • Engage with a call to action: Encourage meaningful involvement, be it a contest or discount incentives for blue eyeshadow palettes.

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