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Indianapolis Influencers Share Lifestyle, Food and Fashion in the City

Hello, HYDP readers. In recent years, Indianapolis has become a key city for influencers, attracting attention for its popular car races, food spots, football teams, and more. Numerous influencers are flocking to the city, taking to social media to share their discoveries and experiences from local businesses to entertainment spots. Let's explore some of these Indianapolis influencers, highlighting the best of the city's lifestyle, food, fashion, and football.

Miranda Schroeder

One of the most relatable influencers in Indianapolis, the 25-year-old marketing manager Miranda Schroeder, presents an authentic depiction of everyday life in Indy. In her diverse Instagram portfolio, she covers everything from home décor inspiration to adorable snapshots of her daughter.

Josie Bullard

With over 165K followers on Instagram, Josie Bullard takes the spotlight as one of the most followed lifestyle content creators in Indianapolis. Her curated social media feed beautifully showcases the modern urban lifestyle of the city and her personal fashion style.


Embracing her love for food and cocktails, Timmychews has made a name for herself as one of the top food influencers in Indianapolis. She shares her favourite food and drink spots in the city with more than 10.5K followers, creating an appetizing diary of Indy's food scene.

Peter Monn

Peter Monn has a YouTube channel with over 231K subscribers, where he keeps his audience informed about the latest beauty industry news and frequently reviews trending beauty products. He runs four other diverse channels, covering everything from book reviews to general discussions.

Christin Kubsch

Christin Kubsch is a popular mom influencer in Indianapolis. She shares her life as a mother of four, posting inspirational and relatable family-life experiences that have garnered over 37.1K followers.

Summer Hudson

Summer Hudson is a well-known influencer and a highly reputable real estate agent in Indianapolis. She uses TikTok to give professional advice about living in the city and showcase some of the beautiful homes there, delighting her audience of over 104.6K followers.

Esther Kuria

As a Kenyan-descent beauty and lifestyle influencer, Esther Kuria has a significant presence on YouTube with over 114K subscribers. She posts engaging content based on trending makeup looks and skincare products.

Mer and Meg – mmsescapades

Known for their passion for food, cousins Merissa and Meghan are some of the city's most popular foodies. Their Instagram, featuring family recipes and gastronomic adventures, has more than 41.5


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