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Home Design Influencers Transforming Spaces on Instagram

Overhauling your home's décor or redesigning a room before the advent of the internet was certainly a challenge. Nowadays, people turn to social media platforms like Instagram for a plethora of design inspiration and trending styles. Although the social universe is teeming with decor influencers showcasing a range of styles and expertise, some designers stand out from the crowd. Here we present Instagram's top home design influencers who are setting the pace with their inventive designs.

Farah Merhi

Farah is the brains and force behind Inspire Me Home Decor, a boutique specialising in ambitious collections based around gold and silver themes. Despite commanding an impressive following of seven million and counting, Farah maintains a personal touch with her followers, sharing life updates and responding to numerous comments on her posts.

Alina Peerzada — dressyourdecor

Based in New Jersey, Alina Peerzada has a knack for incorporating wooden accents. She specialises in wooden tables, cutlery, wicker baskets, and placemats. Alina's holiday decorative insights are particularly inspirational, encouraging her following of 729k users to take equal pride in adorning their homes and themselves.

Areeba Adnan — dr.areebaadnan

Areeba Adnan's brand revolves around design advice and products beneficial to expectant mothers and mothers with young ones. She seamlessly integrates her Pakistani heritage into her life in Canada, providing a unique style appreciated by busy moms thanks to her positive demeanour and knack for simplicity.

Mindy Lovi

Mindy Lovi excels in enhancing Brooklyn townhouses with her sleek, modern approaches and minimalist aesthetics. She runs a thriving interior design venture in New York and oversees a team to keep everything in order.

Caitlin Flemming

Caitlin Flemming, a seasoned world traveller, derives inspiration from multiple nations. She offers her considerable design expertise to the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, and her 68.8k followers appreciate her relaxed, inviting Instagram content.

Shavonda Gardner

Shavonda Gardner's passion is to share her bold style with anyone, no matter the size of their home. She encourages her social network to aim higher and accept only the best, not only in their home décor but also in life.

Jodi Bond

If you have a penchant for pink, Jodi Bond is the designer for you. All her designs feature a shade of pink, ensuring her 137k followers enjoy unique and feminine décor ideas on a budget.

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson shares her enthusiasm for assisting others in creating their homes with over 130k followers. Her feed is a testament to affordable décor ideas and seasonal decoration inspirations.

Jessica Nickerson — househomemade

Hailing from Dallas, Jessica Nickerson brings a refreshing style to her client's farmhouses. She is known for her affection for vintage patterns on rugs and cushions, adding unique charm to various projects.

Patti Wagner — patticakewagner

Patti Wagner sets herself apart by taking her followers on her journey of renovating her 1927 Tudor home in Minnesota, making it stand-out with a modern twist.

Emily Haufler — houseandhens

Emily Haufler shares valuable DIY tips and personal styling advice with her fans. She showcases numerous stylish furnishing concepts and creative décor inspirations for her 284k followers.

Kerry Johnston

Kerry Johnston shares her modern twist on home décor that integrates neutrals, organics and pops of bold colour. She boasts an attentive audience of 86.2k users.

Emily White

Emily White impresses her 157k followers with her love for new and vintage décor sourced from her favourite curation finds and old treasures.

Beata Rodriguez

Beata Rodriguez educates her 297k followers on how to turn their generic homes into bespoke living spaces. She cleverly combines luxury furniture and décor with affordable items, showcasing a myriad of room transformations on her feed.


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