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Exploring Influencer Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Hello, HYDP readers. Travel and tourism revenue is predicted to rise from $926 billion in 2024 to an impressive $990 billion in 2026 according to Statista. With an increasing number of travelers set to explore new destinations, there's an anticipated boost in expenditures on hotel stays. This presents a lucrative opportunity for hotel brands to launch influencer marketing campaigns that promote their properties and spur bookings. In this article, we focus on understanding influencer marketing strategies for hotels.

Hotel Influencer Marketing: Examples and Strategies

Below we examine three widely adopted campaigns for hotel and hospitality brands. To help your decision process, these campaigns are ranked from one to five, where one indicates low budget and time investment while five implies significant expenditure of time and money.

Influencer Visits

Budget and Time Investment: 5

One prevalent method hotels utilise influencers is through sponsored visits to their properties. The brand provides complimentary stays to influencers in exchange for social media content.

Multitasking by hosting several influencers simultaneously helps offset the time consumed in planning these trips. Some considerations when planning these visits could include logistical arrangements, selection of rooms, planning of activities, meal arrangements, and expected deliverables. Ideally, these trips should yield a wealth of reviews, photographs, videos, and backlinks which can be repurposed on your own platforms with usage rights.


Budget and Time Investment: 3

Giveaways can be orchestrated in numerous ways, but the common feature is an offered reward, such as a three-night stay. The giveaways can be promoted by one or more influencers, encouraging existing and potential customers to participate. Some brands also add meeting a famous travel influencer or local event tickets to sweeten the prize pool.

Travel Challenge

Budget and Time Investment: 1

Brands can develop unique challenges that align with their values and invite travellers to participate. For instance, a hotel focused on sustainability could initiate a #SustainableTravelChallenge, promoting environmental responsibility. Challenges also offer an opportunity to blend this strategy with giveaways.


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