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7 Influencer Giveaway Examples That Break From the Norm

Hello, HYDP readers. Traditional influencer giveaways might sometimes feel repetitive and unexciting. If this resonates with you, it's time to innovate your approach. While giveaways undoubtedly uplift brand visibility and foster sales, a unique twist to these social contests might just do the trick. Here are seven distinctive influencer giveaway examples and ideas that can invigorate your brand's marketing strategy:

These examples and ideas can fuel your thought process and inspire innovative marketing strategies.

Obscure Holiday Themed Giveaway

While typical holidays like Christmas or Easter often tie-in with promotional giveaways, you can create a unique buzz by associating your brand with lesser-known, fun holidays that align with your brand. For instance, National Donut Day, Best Friends Day, or Swim a Lap Day could offer an exciting opportunity to hold a giveaway.

Collaborate with Local Creators

Local creators can offer a decisive boost, especially for small businesses. For example, promoting shared giveaway events with local influencers can significantly enhance your brand's local outreach and incentivize audience interaction.

In-event Giveaway

Event-based promotions can be a fresh change to usual social contests. Suppose your brand is engaging an influencer for an event, or promoting a product at an event. You can include a giveaway as part of the activation, exponentially increasing the event's visibility.

Giveaway with a Cause

While giveaways are typically targeted at promoting products and stirring social buzz, they can also serve a philanthropic cause. For instance, dental care brands partnered with influencers to offer free dental screenings to the underserved section of the population.

Connect with Small-Business Influencers

Traditional influencer marketing teams a content creator with a brand, but influences can also emerge in different forms. Niche content creators might prove to be the perfect partners, particularly for small business brands.

Multi-day Giveaway

A multi-day giveaway can generate sustained buzz and audience interaction. This could entail giving away ten different products over ten days in celebration of your company's 10th anniversary, or a five-day give away on reaching 100K Instagram followers.

Multi-influencer Giveaway

Why limit your giveaway strategy to single influencer partnerships? Collaborating with multiple influencers not only diversifies your reach but also creates a more compelling promotional campaign. Arrange a photoshoot featuring all your influencer partners which can create a cohesive and dynamic promotional campaign.


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Giveaways can be a powerful tool, but coming up with fresh ideas can feel like a challenge. By attempting unique giveaways and varying the rewards -- changing from single-product giveaways to bundling products, early access to new products, or experiences -- you can test your audience's response to these novel ideas. If successful, consider adding these to your toolkit of marketing campaigns.


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