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17 Ice-Cutting Speedskating Personalities to Follow on Instagram

Hello, HYDP readers. Ever since its inception in the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924, speed skating has retained its spirit of dedicated grit and skilful manoeuvres. It has consistently served as a captivating field for seasoned sportspeople and budding talents. For brands seeking to connect with niche markets or marketers dealing in related merchandise, collaborating with these incredibly skilled influencers can bring measurable results. Here are 17 notable speedskating influencers worth following on Instagram:

Kjeld Nuis

This Olympic champ partnered with Red Bull, striking a speedskating world record. He clocked a breathtaking 100 km or 64 mph on the ice. The Dutch speedster also has a keen interest in biking and snowboarding.

Erin Jackson

Erin Jackson stood atop the podium at the 2022 Beijing Olympics in the 500m speedskating event. The University of Florida Engineering alum juggles her skating career with her passion for roller derby.

Florence Brunellee

A spirited 20-year-old Canadian Olympic speedskater, Florence promotes positivity and individuality with her impactful rule-breaking content despite being born with just two fingers on one hand.

Jutta Leerdam

An impressive six-time world champion speedskater, Jutta Leerdam has her eyes set on the 2026 Olympics in Milan. The Dutch skater's off-rink activities include spending quality time with her boxing partner, Jake Paul.

Ireen Wust

Ireen Wust is the proud Dutch skater with the highest number of Olympic medals in speedskating. She bagged 13 medals across five consecutive Olympic Games. Still an active skater and media personality, she keeps her followers engaged with her public speaking events and TV analyst role.

Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes, an Olympic medallist in speedskating and cycling, radiates her love for sports through her Instagram content. Retired at 51, she now channels her passion into motivational speeches and hiking adventures.

Apolo Ohno

An eight-time medallist in short-track speedskating, Olympic Hall of Famer Apolo Ohno is an ardent advocate for self-care. His 87K Instagram followers find inspiration from his mental health awareness content on mental hurdles, meditation and breathwork.

Bonnie Blair

Bonnie Blair, the retired skating legend and a motivational speaker, at 59, now coaches emerging talents in skating. Her Instagram account lets her fans into her travel adventures and personal life.

Jordan Stolz

Jordan Stolz is a nineteen-year-old emerging talent in the speedskating world. He is lauded as the youngest single-distance world champion in history and shares his excitement and experiences with his Instagram followers.

Brittany Bowe

Brittany Bowe is a versatile athlete with talents in speedskating, inline skating, and basketball. Her Instagram feed exhibits intense training sessions and her sincere passion for sports.

Greta Myers

Greta Myers, part of the Junior World Championship Team, discovered her love for speedskating through hockey. Her Instagram features her journey in the sport, encouraging everyone to embrace the adrenaline thrill she gains from it.

Jonathan Tobin

A Junior World Championship Team member and a University of Utah student, Jonathan shares high-octane


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